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Supplying equipment and calibration for over 25 years


We offer brand-new equipment from brands such as Mitutoyo, Bowers, and Mahr to provide as much choice and variety as possible to our customers.
e aren’t tied to any specific brand allowing us to shop around for the best prices and choices to suit you.


Every job is different and requires a different type of gauge. From Screw gauging to plain gauging or eve bespoke gauges that need designing and manufacturing we can provide this for you.
For more information please go to the gauges page.


Older equipment shouldn't be the less preferred choice, For example, older model Trimos height gauges are still a very sought-after item and the majority of the time provide better results. We offer a wide range of reconditioned equipment.
For more information please go to the reconditioned equipment page.



Repair and service is often a cheaper alternative to replacements. We can take a look at your broken equipment and provide a quote on what needs replacing and compare to a replacement for you decide the best course to take.




Basic calibration training can be provided by MJG Associates Ltd and delivered to your inspection department or even workshop staff with the results being self-inspection and maintenance of equipment. This provides more trust in the items manufactured being accurate.


On-site calibration allows all equipment to remain in the building resulting in the least disruption to the day-to-day running of the company. We would send 1-2 engineers to your company to complete the calibration schedule as stated by the customer.

UKAS Calibration can be provided by one of our mu
ltiple accredited laboratories we work closely with. This allows us the widest scope on not only the type or equipment we can get calibrated but also on price to keep costs down.



Our consultancy service not only provides advice on how to obtain accreditations such as ISO:9001 but also on bespoke jobs. We understand that not every job is the same and that individually designed equipment or gauges might be required. This is something we can provide through this side of our business.


MJG has been providing SKF In Clevedon with gauging, tooling, and small consumable items for some 25 years. During this time, they have provided a good reliable, and efficient service.

Often SKF will contact MJG asking them to source a specific or replacement item which they are always happy to help. If items are found to be obsolete then where possible they usually come back with an alternative solution.

Well done- keep up the good work!

SKF, Clevedon - Neil Pedley

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  • Can you supply gauging or equipment based on a drawing?
    Yes, once we have received your drawing we can provide our expert opinion on what equipment would be best to measure all required dimensions along with a free no obligation quotation.
  • We are trying to gain ISO 9000:1 accreditation but we don't currently have a calibration system, can you help?
    After inspecting the work that would be needed we would come on-site to calibrate all relevant equipment, provide a consultancy opinion to let you know the changes needed and implement a system in which auditors would be happy with. We would also provide support during your audit and in some cases have spoken directly with the auditor to provide any information required to get you through your audit from a calibration point of view.
  • Can you supply a Height Gauge?
    Yes, we can supply a height gauge to suit your needs. Whether that is new or reconditioned along with setting blocks, accessories and even granite tables with stands.
  • Do you repair equipment?
    We believe that most equipment can be repaired for a fraction of the cost to replace. We have repaired a range of equipment from DTI's, Micrometers and Height Gauges. We would supply a quote prior to any repairs that need completing so that you can judge what would be the best course of action to take.
  • Can you supply CMM's (Coordinate Measuring Machines)?
    We work with Aberlink to provide the best suited CMM for your company. From manual machines to full CNC machines, we will communicate accordingly with the relevant parties to get the correct machine for you.
  • Is precision engineering the only field you cover in the industry?
    No. We have completed work in the past with businesses in Medical, Aerospace, Electrical and Marine fields.
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