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Measuring Equipment


Over the last 20+ years we have built relationships with all of the top brands in measuring equipment allowing us to then pass on the best offers and prices to you, our customers. Not only can we offer any type of equipment from any supplier but we can also offer the extra service of calibration on top of supplying the item based on your specific requirements. For any further information or enquiries please fill out our contact form. 

Reconditioned Equipment

Trimos Vertical 3.jpg

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative then reconditioned equipment might be the way to go. We stock a wide range of equipment along with being able to source reconditioned equipment. We understand that each company have different requirements along with some of the older equipment actually being more suited to some jobs. For more information on reconditioned equipment whether you are in the market to purchase or sell, then please contact us. 


Screw Gauges.jpg
Plain Plug Gauges.jpg
Sepcial Radius Gauges.jpg
Special Plug.JPG

Gauging covers a wide range of items from plain plugs, screw plugs or rings and even bespoke gauging specifically designed to measure your dimension. MJG Associates can supply or design almost any type of gauge that is available. If bespoke gauging is something you require we can arrange a consultation with you and look at the drawing and part you manufacture to come up with the best way possible to measure it for you. The images to the right are a couple of examples of bespoke gauging we have been able to supply to our customers in the past.

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