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Our Services

MJG Associates Ltd offer a wide variety of services from on-site or off-site calibration to gauge design and even training so that you can do your own in-house calibration. Below is some information regarding each service that we can offer you.
Airbus 2

Airbus Team After Completing Our Training Course

Airbus 1

Airbus Team After Completing Our Training Course

Sepcial Radius Gauges

Bespoke Radius Gauges Designed & Manufactured

Chamfer Gauge_edited

Bespoke Chamfer Gauge Set Up Designed & Manufactured

Square PRobe Setting Fixture

Square Probe Setting Fixture Designed & Manufactured

Special Plug

Cross Head Special Plug Gauge Designed & Manufactured

On-Site Calibration

We offer an on-site calibration service in which we send an engineer on-site to your company to complete the calibration of mechanical measuring equipment such as micrometers, calipers, depth micrometers etc. We will clean and calibrate any equipment along with any adjustments or a small service if needed. We have customers who require a couple of hours on-site to 3 full days on-site, so depending on how many items need calibrating we can create a schedule to suit any requirement. For more information or a quote, please contact us to discuss anything further.

Off-Site Calibration

We work closely with multiple UKAS accredited laboratories in order to get the quickest and most suited calibration to each individual customer. Whether you require a quick turnaround or a cheaper solution, we will aim to supply the very best service possible. Customers have the opportunity for a collection of their gauges or they can send them to us to get calibrated to whichever standard you require. 

Service / Repair

Most measuring equipment can be repaired and the majority of time, significantly cheaper than replacing it. From DTI's to digital micrometers, we are in a position to be able to quote for the repair and service of those items. We will always quote before any repair takes place to give our customers the opportunity to decide whether or not to go ahead with the repair. The only charge if you decide not to repair is the carriage fees, most of the time it is a free investigation. 

Gauge Design

Some jobs require a unique gauge to be able to measure the dimensions involved. Plain standard gauges will not cut it. We offer a service in which we can design and manufacture bespoke gauges, solely for the job you require. All we would need is some information like the drawing of the part, which dimensions you require measuring and what type of measuring you require. In the gallery above are some examples of the bespoke service we offer.



Customers such as Airbus have employed us to go on-site and complete a training course on in-house calibration. We will go through a presentation with both practical and theoretical situations that they may come across while completing calibration. We can base the cost of the course on 1 person to however many people you require to complete the course. Once completed, certificates will be issued and sent to you for you to present to the attendees of the course. 


For customers preparing for an audit for an accreditation such as ISO:9001, we can offer a consultancy service in which we would perform a 'mock audit' to pick up any areas in which the auditor may mark you down. This will then give you an opportunity to change certain things based on what we would pick up. This could also link in to our on-site calibration. 

For any further information on any of the above, please feel free to contact us using the contact form or contact details found on the home page. 


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